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I love my HappyHeadshot! It’s a profile picture I am really proud to put out there on my social media profiles. Thank you. I’m telling all my friends!
Crystal Martin,



You’ve heard the saying…

“You never get a second chance to make as first impression”


In truth, the first impression is the last impression. Same goes with your profile picture on social networking sites. Your profile picture gives the first impression to the world about you. It helps in recognizing you with your friends and family. Even for business reasons, you need to have a profile photo because it l establishes how people perceive you.


When you visit Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the chances are that the profile picture of the person you are looking at jumps out at you before you even read any text.

That’s how important your Profile Picture is!

Well it’s true. It’s so important to put your best face forward in all of your online social profiles.  People want to know what you look like, who they are having a conversation and doing business with.

You are much easier to relate to if there’s a face to go with the name. Your kids, pets or cartoon characters just don’t cut it when you are trying to build relationship with your peers, customers and community.



You want them to see you. The real you, the authentic you, only just a little better!

Many of us struggle with self-image issues. You are not alone. With Happy Headshots you can be assured that you will look your very best.

What’s So Important About A Great Profile Picture?

  • LinkedIn research shows that a page with a good profile picture is seven times as likely to be viewed as a page without one
  • First impressions are extremely important and having a really good profile photo can make the difference between gaining more followers and attracting more customers
  • Social-media profile photos are increasingly important in building your business identity. It’s a hugely powerful branding tool
  • The goal in branding is to become instantly recognizable wherever your clients and prospects see you online. A great profile picture can help make that happen
  • A great profile picture can make you feel confident. When you feel good about yourself, it shows

profile pictures


Oh Celene — It’s gorgeous!  This is a really helpful service you are offering… I absolutely love my Happy Headshot! I liked this picture, but the color was a bit washed out and since I had been speaking, I was wearing a microphone. You fixed those problems quickly and provided me with a profile picture that I can really be proud of. Thank you so much!  I really appreciate the quick turnaround. 
Denise O’Berry


Do you feel like you just can’t get a good photo to use in your online profile?

You want a better profile pic for Facebook, Twitter, Google and the forums you frequent. You want  it to look like you, but you just wish you were more photogenic. We can take a so-so photo and make you look great!

Happy Headshots Will Make You Look Your Very Best

We take your existing headshot taken from your camera, webcam or phone and do subtle enhancements so you can make a great first impression!

When we send you your enhanced photo, you’ll be amazed at how natural the changes are.

It’s you only better!

Why feel self-conscious when you can feel confident that you look your very best?



Thanks! I absolutely think my headshot turned out great. It’s so natural looking too!
Judith Grunwald,



Happy Headshots will take a headshot or photo of you and create a profile picture that you can be proud of. 

  • Brighten and enhance your eyes
  • Whiten your teeth for a more dazzling smile
  • Smooth and soften the appearance of your skin for a more youthful look
  • Even and brighten your skin tone
  • Remove dark circles under the eye
  • Slenderize your face
  • Correct the coloration of the photo itself if needed

It’s so simple! Digitally send us your photo and you’ll receive the new, improved and prettier, yet totally authentic photo back within 48 business hours.

When we’re finished with your photo, you will look fantastic! 


You provide the headshot and we’ll make you
happy you did… guaranteed!

Remember, it’s subtle, it’s not a
fake looking glamor shot…

It’s You Only Better!


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